Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the World

Looking to add a little romance to your love life? From Vienna to Venice, Seville to Marrakesh and Buenos Aires to Paris, these are top 10 most romantic cities to visit around the world.


Marrakech (Morocco), a dreamy and fascinating city is famous for its romantic Raids (hotels) in all over the world. For instance, Raid Kinza, La Masion Arabe and Masion Mnabah are more popular among the tourists. One can enjoy diversity of thousand romantic nights with someone special. It offers mesmerizing dreamy picture, from side to side its palms trees, scene of Atlas Mountains and definitely close at hand is the Sahara Desert.


Buenos Aries’ ballet performance in the streets hypnotizes everyone. Combination of European beauty and Latin American seduction is prominent in the streets.  It is famous for its enormous buildings, tree-lined passages and scrumptious cuisines. Its boulevards are ideal for romantic getaway.


The exotic and appealing architecture of Seville mesmerize the sightseer. It is the capital of Andalusia. Around the city vibrant loveliness flowers, traditional bullfighting, and Spanish classic dance grasp the attention of visitors. It’s the city that soaks the tremendous Moorish architecture. After visiting the city one can enjoy the best tapa of the world.


Vienna, the capital of Austria is the most remarkable romantic city that is famous for its idealistic architecture. Its momentous streets with the sounds of Mozart’s music presents a classic view. Vienna is the city of museums, about hundred museums can be found in Vienna. Among these, most popular is the Albertina Museum situated near Innere Stadt. Among other places, the most classic one, must to be visited is the Spanish Riding School, establish in 1572 in Vienna, presents archetypal dressage.


Because of its magnificent natural beauty, Lisbon is on sixth number among the most romantic cities in the world. It is positioned on the hill surrounded by the river Tagus. There are historic and artistic places for the attraction of tourists in the city, such as, National Museum of ancient art, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, National Museum of Costume and Fashion, Lisbon‘s Opera House and the monument to Christ the king stands on the bank of Tagus river.


Rome is the capital of Italy. It offers lavishness living to the couples. Rome is the city of romance and there are many romantic places that fascinate the lovers. The most romantic place is the janiculum, consists number of dooms and bell tower mesmerize the tourists. Avenitino, a building in seven hills situated near Tiber River captivate the attention of visitors. In Cuisine, Italian pizza with its original Italian taste is famous.


Florence is known for its romantic comfy hotels. The church Santa of Maria del Fiore is the best place to visit. Without tasting true taste of Tuscany, visit of Florence is incomplete. Due to Florence’s artistic and architectural heritage, it has also been ranked as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Prague is the capital of Czech Republic and located in the west of the country near to the Vltava River. With population of 1.3 million people, Prague has its strong roots in roman history and was chair of the two roman empires. It is the Sixth most visited place in the world. Its most attractive places are Prague castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Jewish quartet, National Museum, National Theater and Lennon wall.


Paris is the one of ideal city for couples. Eiffel tower is the smear of unique architect of Paris.  The city is filled with natural beauty; especially it is famous for its natural gardens. In fact, Paris is famed throughout the world for the beauty and variety of its monuments. It is fantastically quixotic city and no doubt one of the most romantic cities on earth.


Venice is the most romantic and we must say the unique beauty of the world. Its folk tale scenery, charming canals, gondolas romantic odor always enthrall the romance. Pizza San Marco is most favorite place among tourists. Other romantic places of Venice are the Doge’s palace, St Mark’s Basilica, St Mark’s Clocktower, Grand Canal  and Lido de Vevezia. Without visiting romantic Venice, your romance can never be completed.


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