Top 10 Best Shopping Streets in the World

From Bond Street of London to Calle Serrano of Spain and beyond, these are top 10 best shopping streets in the main shopping cities around the world. You will find almost every type of item being sold in these shopping hubs at any time of the year.



Found in Spain, Calle Serrano is 10th most famous shopping street in the world. It is situated near Calle Preciados in the capital of country. It has well-designed building construction to attract the attention of shopping lovers. It is also the most expensive street in country or even in the Europe, as all the time it is filled with the posh Spanish people. Almost all the international brands and designers are available there.


Stroget is a Luxurious shopping spot of Copenhagen and it is on ninth number in our list of worlds best shopping streets. One can find countless top international brands at one place. Street is famous for its numerous food spots.

8. P.C. HOOFTSTRAAT, Amsterdam

Amsterdam, being a beautiful city in the world, offers stunning shopping places to the shopper and as well to the sightseers. It is a wonderful experience for pedestrian to find all international brands under the one roof. Its site is extremely artistic and is located near to a museum. Country’s most luxurious apartments, within the center, shows the mind diversity of planers. Thus, this center is favorite spot of well-off people.

7. GINZA, Tokyo

With more than 200 art galleries, Ginza is a world renowned shopping district with mixture of cutting-edge trends and traditions. The center is famous for its giant size departmental stores and has one of the best global designer brand shops.

6. RODEO DRIVE, Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, is one of the intriguing and stunning shopping center in California. Center is the famous spot of fashion world because of red carpet events and exhibitions of fashion culture. It is the most favorite place of Hollywood fashion world.


Via Montenapoleone is an expensive street in Milan. It is famous among visitors for its Italian as well as international brands. Many international top fashion brands and their headquarters are located here.


Bahnhofstrasse, located in Zurich, is the world’s extremely exclusive shopping street. Its designed comprises of narrow buildings. Certainly, it is serving as home for all international designers. It is home place of Swiss Watches. Confiserie Sprungli, a world-famous sweet, is the specialty of this place.


Avenue Montaigne, Paris, is excellent place for shopping. As Paris is origin of fashion in the world, in the same way Avenue Montaigne is popular for world class dresses among fashion lovers throughout the world. Its boutiques are very trendy for providing gorgeous and stylish dresses and jewelry. Here, one can find tip to toe all the accessories from entire international brands.

2. BOND STREET, London

Bond Street of London is the second largest shopping street in the world. Only elite class can enjoy shopping here because it is very expensive place for shopping unlimited brands of the world.


Fifth Avenue is world’s best shopping center among best shopping streets in the world. It is also considered as world’s most pretty mall. Every brand and designer from around the globe loves to display their outfits here. It is most well-liked display place for all the brands from every part of professional lives.


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