Top 10 Weirdest Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are famous for their loyalty and are considered the best companion of the man because of their loyal and friendly nature. People and especially young children always love to have wonderful pets at their homes. Take a look at top ten weirdest dog breeds of the world which you may own as pets.

10. Chinese Crested

This is the ugliest dog of the world in my opinion. But its appearance is very unique as the dog’s all body is hairless but has little fur on the top of the head, paws and tail. They as well need extra care of cleaning and need sunscreen in order to avoid dry skin or other kind of infections.

9. Neapolitan Mastiff

This dog have a gorilla look because of its loose skin folded over its face. The breed is famous for its loose skin or wrinkles that spread all over the body but more prominent over its face and head. The dog has very dreadful appearance and the owner of dog needs to pay extra attention in order to keep them clean in between the folds to save their pets from any kind of skin infections.

8. LowChen


LowChen dog has appearance like a small lion. This belongs to the rarest breed and one of the expensive dog breeds of the world. Their normal height is seven to thirteen inches and has long and silky hairs. They are very intelligent and friendly dogs and this is the best choice as pet if you can find and more importantly to afford them.

7. Bedlington Terrier


This is very cute lamb like dog. In first sight, one can not judge weather this is a dog or lamb. They have pear shaped heads, triangular ears and coat similar to the curly hairs of sheep. In the beginning, this dog breed was bred as a fighter which may seem very strange as looking to the shape of dog. It was used to hunt vermin. Just look at the image above and you can see that how weirdest dog breed it is.

6. Lagotto Romagnolo


This dog has a strange look and as well belongs to a breed that is quite rare. They have twisted, chunky and woolly hairs. The uniqueness of this breed is their ability to search for truffles which is typically the jobs of pigs. But this is very loving-nature dog.

5. Bergamasco

This is another dread looking but cute dog and doesn’t have cords like the Puli. Theses are found in three different forms of thick hairs or fur. Their fur starts from the back and goes down the flanks. They are born with short and smooth coat but as the dog grows, the mats also grow in their unique style as shown in the picture.

4. Puli


Pulis are very dread looking dogs but this breed is very popular and demanding. Their hairs on body look like cords which start to grow up at the age of nine months when they really are puppies. In spite of their heavy look they are very light weighted and their hairs are water resistant.

3. Cambodian Razorback Dog


This is a Cambodian breed and called Razorback because it has a huge and exclusive Razor down on his back that makes it one of the weirdest dog breeds in world, otherwise they have normal look. These are very tropical dogs and found all over the Cambodia. These are very loving and friendly dogs and available in all beautiful colors.

2. Xoloitzcuintli


This is a Mexican breed and has a very difficult name “Xoloitzcuintli”. The correct pronunciation of its name is Sho-lo-eets-quint-lee. These dogs are hairless and there is an interesting myth prevailed in the Mexican society. In fact, they were considered as the helpers of their master’s souls in the underworld. Apart from this, dogs have long necks, sharp ears, pointed eyes and sleek bodies.

1. Affenpinscher


In my opinion, this is very smart dog among all other weirdest dog breeds listed here. Its nickname is monkey because it looks like monkey and has personality like a monkey. It has a shaggy fur on its face and body which gives it a cute look. Their hairs are shaggier around the chest and shoulder than rest of body and this is the uniqueness of its shape. They are available in black, gray, red and belge colors.


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