Top 10 Weird Animal Species

Even as many species are threatened with extinction, scientists continue to discover fascinating new creatures all over the world. Some of these discoveries are particularly strange and fascinating. Here are top 10 weird animal species from across the globe.

10. Olm

This is called the “baby dragon”. It is commonly found in deep caves of Europe. It is a strange species and is completely blind. But nature has given it the extraordinary sense, which gets around by using chemicals and electrical signals in its brain that is tricked by receptors in the body. There is another species of its kind called Black Olm, that also has strange complexion.

9. Blanket Octopus

We all know about octopus but there is a very strange octopus found on a sea bed and is called blanket Octopus. It has three hearts, a beak like parrot and produce poisonous saliva.  It as well has ability to change its color and whim according to the surroundings or in other words to safe itself from danger or enemies. That’s why people call their tentacles as “intelligent arms”, because they don’t need the brain to perform specific actions like catching prey. This is one of the strangest creature found on earth.

8. Glass Frog

This is a Tropical American frog having a transparent skin and is called Glass frog. Because of its transparent skin, one can see its intestine, heart and liver perfectly. Though they have translucent skins but they are similar to the tree frogs in their nature and behavior.

7. Blob Fish

As hilarious as its name sounds “blob fish” and as strange it looks like, i guess only their mothers can love them. These may be called as dwellers of the underwater. They are found in Australia and Tasmania. They do not have muscular power as the other fish families have, so they don’t like swimming in the water. It’s better to call them “sloth of the sea”. It is important to mention that they are not edible species.

6. Assassin Spider

Assassin spider is a very creepy species. As you can see in the picture that they have a very long neck which helps them to support their immense jaws that are equipped with poisonous fangs. But they are harmless to humans and only like to eat small spiders and other insects.

5. Hatchet Fish

As its name suggests, this very strange species belongs to a fish family. The hatchet fish lives in deep and cold oceans. They spent their entire lives in dark oceans. They have length of only few centimeters and are human friendly. They have a capability to produce organs on their sides that can produce light, in this way they protect themselves from their enemies.

4. Hairy Crab

This poisonous Crab is called “Yeti Crab”. It has hairs which seems like wings that makes it different from other crabs in the family. They are color blind and spend whole life in darkness.

3. Leafy Sea Dragon

In my opinion, this fish resembles with a sea horse and seems like sea weed. The fish is lazy in nature and swims very slowly. That is why it is almost invisible to its hunter. I guess this is the main reason of its survival in the ocean. The female fish lays her eggs on the body of male and he carry them until they hatch. This is strange habit of this species which differentiate it from other fish. They are found in coastal Australia.

2. Snake Caterpillar

This is a strange species from Mexico and Central America and is called Hemeroplanes caterpillar. Though it looks like normal but have ability to change many colors to deceit its predators. It looks like a little snake. It can branch with its back legs and make the front part of its body larger. From there, it becomes ready to inject venom and because of this sight lot of animals won’t even try to mess with it.

1. Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

This is as well very strange species which looks like a decaying leaf.  They are found in Madagascar. Because of their decaying like bodies, they are rarely eaten by their predators and this is the main reason of their survival. Though their looks are scary but they are harmless to humans.


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