Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in the World

Pharmaceutical comes from Greek word “Pharmakeia” with the modern translation as “Pharmacia”. Many people owe their lives to many life saving medicines, without which they might not have seen another day in their life. Pharmaceutical companies are responsible for discovering new drugs, marketing them and getting them licensed for their use as medications. All drugs so produced have to go through a strict process of patenting and testing and are subjected to all sorts of safety checks and a variety of laws and regulations. These pharmaceutical companies not only play a very important role in the medicine industry but also play a significant role in the revenue industry and the development of a nation. Here are top 10 pharmaceutical companies in world.


This is a US pharmaceutical company and stands on tenth position in our list. The company makes Botox and have plan to invest 12m$ in research and development facility. The company employs more than 800 people and also have plans to expand number of its employees.


Mylan is an Irish pharmaceutical company. It currently employs 700 people and provides all the facilities to its employees. Company has further plans to expand number of its employees in the next five years.

8. Gilead Sciences

Gilead sciences is an American Biotechnology company. It has invested 60m$ in a new bio pharmaceutical project in Dublin where they created 280 new jobs. In 2006, Gilead acquired two companies that were developing drugs to treat patients with pulmonary diseases.

7. Amgen

Amgen is also a US biotechnology pharmaceutical company. The company announced for the creation of 100 jobs while it invests €150m at Dublin. But in 2011, the company had cut 280 jobs because they want to streamline their operations.

6. Bristol-Myers

Bristol Myers stands on sixth position in the best pharmaceutical companies’ list. There are more than 7,000 people working in the company.

5. Eli Lilly

Eli Lilly stands on fifth position with a great number of employees in its fold and it has further plans to expand its investments up to $330 millions. In result of that, it will create more jobs. The new investment would be in the field of bio pharmaceutical commercialization and manufacturing plants.

4.  Abbott  Laboratories

Abbott is a multinational pharmaceutical company. The company invested €85m for expanding its silgo manufacturing facility in Ireland; in result of this expansion they created nearly 175 high skilled jobs. The company as well expanded its Ohio project where they will make Glucerna and PediaSure products.

3. Merck

Merck is the third biggest pharmaceutical company. The company has invested $90m for the next seven years in biomedical research at its California institute. This is probably a non profit research led by Peter Schultz, a renowned chemist at the Scripps Research Institute. For this purpose, the company will hire 150 scientists who will try to convert promising discoveries into potential drugs, and will bring to the markets of top pharmaceutical companies.

2. Johnson & Johnson

The company stands on second position in the best top ten pharmaceutical companies’ list. This is a multinational company having regional offices in many countries. Company has closed its coronary manufacturing and also their Cashel Co Tipperary project in Ireland, in result of this, 133 people lost their jobs.

1. Pfizer

Pfizer, the pharmaceutical giant stands on first position in the top ten list. But Pfizer has as well shrank its crew. Nearly 180 people lost their jobs. Especially by closing its Ringaskiddy, Ireland site. The company said that this is because of the expiry of patent of cholesterol drug Atorvastatin Lipitor.


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