Top 10 Photoshop Blunders of All Time

Photoshop is very useful in today’s busy world. Professionals in the world of graphics and media can make unbelievable changes in the images with the help of image editing software. But sometimes too much hurry can make very bad results. Here, we will take a look on the worst Photoshop Blunders of all time.

10. Missing Belly Button

Where is the Belly Button of this woman? I think Artist liked to choose this way for Playboy to run this ad.

9. Headless Athlete

Famous magazine “Sports Illustrated” made this mistake.

8. Lazy Stock Image

Artist of Nintendo video game must be wanted to save some money.

7. Wrong Reflection

Text reflection is the basic image editing process. I can’t understand what was wrong with the maker of this ad.

6. Color Confused Cereal

Now, this is what you get in outcome when you are really tired of work and must need to go to sleep.

5. Mismatched Reflection

Lexar made this funny mistake. Is it actually 8GB or 4GB?

4. Fake Cheque

All I want to say that maker of this image really need more training and hard work to become successful professional.

3. Copy & Pasted Audience

Does image editor of this picture thought that viewers would only see players in the ground? If so, then he/she was wrong.

2. Smart Redhead

Result of this image is so bad that it looks completely unnatural. This is one of the worst Photoshop mistakes of all time.

1. Legless Model

Thigh is missing from this image and nobody noticed it. The guys behind this image must be so damn lazy.


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