Top 10 Most Famous News Channels

What is in, in Politics and what is out? And what is going on? Switching news channels for the most authentic news? News Channels are the most important part of not only our televisions but also of our lives now. The world is full of news channels as it is filled with news itself. So we came up with a list of top 10 most famous news channels that are seen worldwide.

10.  Al Arabia

Al Arabia is possessed by the Middle East Broadcasting Network. It is a Dubai based channel but adored by almost all the spectators of Middle East. However, channel is criticized for promoting pro Saudi policies but it grasps the huge group of spectators throughout Middle East.

9. NDTV India

This Indian news channel is founded in 2003 by New Delhi television Ltd. This is a Hindi based news channel. The channel is launched by an Indian journalist Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy. The news channel got popularity through its show “The World this Week”. Channel is broadly fulfilling the expectations of its viewers.

8.  Geo News

Geo News is the most popular News channel of Pakistan. It was launched in 2005 by the Jang media group. Basically, it is an Urdu language channel but broadcasts news in different parts of the world in English language. Despite of facing different controversies and challenges, the channel attracts global Urdu language viewers.

7.  Al Jazeera

 Al Jazeera News channel is established in 1996 and possessed by the Qatar Media Group. The channel got popularity during Afghan War, after 9/11 attacks through its live coverage and reporting of war. The channel is criticized of having contacts with the conflicting religious parties.

6. Euro news

Euro news was originated in France in 1993 and owned by SOCEMIE, which is owned by 21 public broadcasters from across Europe and the Mediterranean region. It is a multilingual news channel and broadcasts its news in about 155 countries. But the channel gives more importance to the news that is related to the Europe.


The news channel broadcasts its news in different regions, such as South Africa, United States, Canada, Middle East and Germany. As it is shown from the name of the channel, it is related to Microsoft and NBC. It was founded in 1996 as partnerships of Microsoft and General Electric’s NBC unit.

4.  Sky News

Founded in 1985, it is a British news channel. It is possessed by the British Broadcasting and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.  Its crew comprises more than fifty on screen staff and approximately 600 off screen staff. It is a 24-hour news channel that has subdivided into segments and localized itself by making versions of the channel, Sky News Australia, Sky News New Zealand and Sky News Arabia.

3. Fox News

Owned by Fox Entertainment Group, this channel is an American based cable and satellite news channel that airs news, talk shows and various other informative programs. The channel was launched on October 7, 1996. Although, the channel is blamed for promoting conservative political positions and biased reporting but it got 3rd position in our list of top 10 most famous news channels in the world.

2. CNN

CNN is one of the most popular and responsible news channel in the world. It was established by the media group of American and Australian Cable News Network (CNN), in 1980. The channel provides twenty four hours live news coverage to its viewers. The channel is watched in more than 212 countries. CNN is trusted for its news, reporting in all over the world.

1. BBC World News

BBC stands on first position in top 10 most famous news channels. This is one of the largest news channel in the world. It is owned by the British Broadcasting Corporation and was launched in 1991. A 24-hour news channel broadcasts News bulletins, documentaries, lifestyle programs and interviews. The channel got more popularity after the coverage of 9/11.


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