Top 10 Holy Places in the World

There are about 21 major religions in the world today and there exists number of places and monumental structures which are considered to be the focal point and the center pieces of these religions. Here are top 10 holy places from around the world.

10. The Callanish Stones (UK)

The Callanish stones are located in the Isle of Lewis from the date of 2900-2600 BC. About these standing stones, an interesting legend is famous among the Europeans that these stones are the giants who rejected the preaching of Saint Kieran about the conversion to Christianity and he turned them to stones as a punishment.

9. Temple of Karnak (Egypt)

The Karnak Temple Complex was started by the pharaoh Ramses II in 14th century BC. It is one of the most famous places among tourists. Carved stones are prominent in its construction. This piece of Egyptian art is much fascinated by the Hollywood as you can watch it in the background of science fiction action film Transformers: Revenge of the fallen.

8. The Ziggurat of Ur (Iraq)

The Ziggurat pyramid was first built in the early Bronze age. The Ziggurat was a piece in a temple complex that served as an administrative center for the city, and which was a shrine of the moon god Nanna, the patron deity of Ur. It is an interesting ancient place to visit.

7. Pyramids of Teotihuacan (Mexico)



This was one the greatest city but there is no consensus about the date of its construction and it is also not confirmed that which people constructed such fascinating structures. But there is an agreement that the city reached its zenith around 450 AD. The city consists of two pyramids, Moon and Sun. Both were used for human and animal sacrifice, probably in the dedication of new buildings in the city.

6. Borobudur (Indonesia)

Built in the 9th century, Borobudur is a worship place of Buddhists. The monument consists of six square platforms topped by three circular platforms, and is decorated with 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. It consists of two million cubic feet of stones and is world’s largest Buddhist temple. But the eminent danger for the building is volcanic eruptions in this area which can ruin it.

5. Delphi (Greece)



Delphi, located in Greece has religious touch and had deep impact on the western world. In fact, it was the center of Apollo’s cult and was most respected place for all the city states. It is standing on the Parnassus Mountain, the home of Muses. Delphi still speaks about its past dignity and current archaeological importance.

4. The Ajanta Caves (India)

Ajanta caves were constructed from 200BC to 600BC. Like Borobudur of Indonesia, these caves were also lost for many centuries and were rediscovered by British officer, John Smith, while hunting for tigers, in 1819. Caves are the sign of rich Indian ancient art.

3. The Hypogeum (Malta)

Hypogeum is located in Malta and was constructed in 3500BC. It is the first religious building in my knowledge that was constructed underground in such old times. It consists of both natural caves and excavations over three levels. Walls are carved and only eighty visitors are permitted to visit this unique building daily.

2. The Pantheon (Rome)

It is the best preserved piece of Roman construction. Pantheon “All God” was constructed in 126AD by the Hadrian emperor. In 7th century, it was converted into Christian church. From the front, building resembles a classic Roman temple portico but it can be appreciated from the inside only.

1. Göbekli Tepe (Turkey)

Göbekli Tepe is a prehistoric building and its importance is recently recognized as it is the oldest man-made structure on earth. Though the building is not in good condition but one can see the pillars carved with animals. Its religious touch is in question as it is said that these structures are early neolithic sanctuaries. Its date of construction is 10th millennium BC and it is among the earliest civilizations known to science.


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