Top 10 Greatest Mathematicians

Mankind has reached the moon because of math. Math allowed us to tease out the secrets of DNA, create and transmit electricity over hundreds of miles to power our homes and offices, and gave rise to computers and all that they do for the world. Our history is rich with mathematicians who helped advance our collective understanding of math. Here is a list of top 10 greatest mathematicians of all time.


Time period of this great mathematician is 570 to 495 BC. He was the citizen of Greece. He is the creator of Pythagorean group. That is known as the first step towards learning advance math. This is his great contribution in the world of mathematics that opened the way for the development of geometry.


Henri Poincare was the French mathematician. He lived from 1854 to 1912. He is the pioneer of presenting Lorentz transformation in modern form. People from science field must hear about the Poincare rules in physics and math. He is the creator of these rules.


Leonardo Pisano Bigollo was the mathematician of middle ages and his time period was 1170 to 1250. He was the first to introduce the Hindu – Arabic number system into Europe. According to him, Arabic numbers are more easy and simple as compared to the roman numerals. He is considered as “the most talented western mathematician of the Middle Ages.” He died in Pisa.


Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann lived from 1826 to 1866 and died in Italy. He was an influential German mathematician and has given new ideas and theories for development of modern geometry. He is widely known for his Riemann Hypothesis that indicates issues about the distribution of prime numbers.


His time period was from 1501 to 1576. He was born in Pavia and died in Rome at the age of 74 years. His remarkable contributions are in the fields of medicine, science, philosophy, math and somehow in religion and music. And in math he gave ideas for the development of Algebra. He was the first mathematician to make systematic use of numbers less than zero.


Referred to as “the Prince of Mathematicians”, at the very young age of twenty one years he developed the rules of disquisitions Arithmetic. The gentleman introduced Gaussian gravitational constant in the physics at the age of twenty four years. He died at the age of 77 years and till his death he contributed in his field.


Euclid is the father of geometry. He lived in 300 BC. His great contribution is development of basic theorem rules that gave rise for the development of some other theorems in the advance math. Sadly speaking, more than half of Euclid’s works have been completely lost, others surviving the ages only through translations and interpretations.


He lived from 287 to 212 BC. He has done work in math, physics, and engineering. He gave the basic rules for the development of hydrostatics and statistic. He also gave basic principles for the expansion of lever. He was well versed in Asthmatic, Archimedes, Screw, hydrostatics and infinitesimals. Interestingly, there is a crater on the Moon named, Archimedes in his honor.


He lived from 1707 to 1783. He is considered as the Einstein of his field. He introduced much of the modern mathematical terminology and notation. He also pioneered in writing f(x) to signify the function ‘f’ applied to the argument ‘x’. Euler also gave many new theories of his time.


Isaac Newton was the man who developed modern calculus which we use today. Student of math can understand how difficult but useful it is. He was very genius person. He has given the law of motion which provides bases for the invention of machine. Newton is widely regarded as one of the most influential scientists of all time and as a key figure in the scientific revolution. Newton died on 20 March 1727.


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