Top 10 Strange Breeds of Cats

People always love to have pets in their homes and normally they love to own cute furry cats but here we are exposing information about strangest hairless cats, as well as other bizarre breeds of cats which definitely sounds odds. Check these weird cats in the list and tell us if they are cute or ugly.

10. Ukrainian Levkoy


Ukrainian Levkoy was born in 2004. This is a new breed after Sphynx cat breed, which is at number one in our list of unusual cats. Both are similar because of their hairless quality, but the Ukrainian Levkoy has over folded ears and have big but narrow eyes. Basically they are bony cats and has been described as dog faced. One important thing about them is that as they are hairless so it is necessary to keep them warm. Though this a new breed but there are hundreds of these around the world and are not considered rare.

9. Cornish Rex

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Cronish Rex cats are not completely hairless, as it merely lacks two outer layers of fur than rest of hairless cats and have softer fur than other cats. They have very distinct features as compared to other cats. Their high cheek bones, long pointed nose, brawny chin, small waist and long legs makes them prominent than other cat breeds. Moreover, they are found in very pretty lilac, creamy, smoke, tuxedo and tortoiseshell colors.

8. Scottish Fold

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Unlike the Cornish Rex, it has folded over ears. Their ears are so tiny that sometimes they look as they have no ears at all. In fact, their ears are downward folded. Sometimes, kittens of Scottish Fold have double and triple-folded ears. In fact, this breed can develop uninvited conditions, such as cartilage and bone deformity, that makes it a controversial breed.

7. Exotic Short-hair

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Exotic Short-hair was first bred in 1960s when breeders unintentionally mated Persian with American Short-hair. Though they were bred accidentally but have very cute face. They have round shaped head with small ears and rounded body which gives them a cute teddy bear like shape. This breed always face some problems, as overflowing tears. It is also in danger of developing 40 to 50% feline PDK (polycystic kidney disease).

6. Munchkin


Munchkin breed is also a controversial breed of cat. When the breed first came in front of judges in a show, they refused it to register because of their short legs. And some judges even resigned as a protest. But fans of Munchkin claim that it doesn’t matter if they have short legs, as they can jump and do all the activities as other cats do. Despite of controversy, in my opinion, they are pretty cute cats to have as a pet in your homes.

5. Peterbald

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Peterbald cats were first registered in 1997. They are indigenous of Russia, where a kitten of this breed was rescued, named Varvara. These are prominent among other cats because of their long legs, curved bodies, large ears and big almond shaped eyes. They need extra care, just like Sphynx breed, as their body produces oil, so they need sponge bath daily and must stay away form sun light to avoid sunburn.

4. Savannah Cat

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Savannah is one of the tallest cats in domestic cat breeds. They are indigenous of Africa. These are registered as among the tallest pets in Guinness book of world records, having 17.1 inches of height. They have exotic stripes on their body which make them different from other weird cat breeds. One of the distinct feature is of their love for water. They love to swim with their owners.

3. Laperm

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When Laperm breed was first born, it was one of the ugliest kitten in the world. In fact, they are born bald. But later, the curly hairs grow up on their body which gave them a cute shape. They have large ears and beautiful eyes.

2. Elf Cat


Elf cats are the result of crossbreeding between Sphynx and American curls. This crossbreeding gave it a unique shape. It is one of the most unusual and strangest looking cat breed in the world.

1. Sphynx

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Sphynx is also a hairless breed of cat that originated in US and Canada. Although, a weirdest cat breed, it is known for its high level of energy and curiosity towards its owner. If you want to own hairless cat breed at your home, be careful and prepared, as you need to give them a sponge bath daily, because their body naturally produces some kind of greasy oil.


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