Snow Sculptures: 40 Incredible Examples

Snow is the most fascinating thing of winter and most of us love to spend winter on the snowy spots. However, there is much difference in the thinking of layman and the artists. Creative artists play with ice and bring master pieces of snow sculptures. In fact, art of snow sculpture is not very much old but is extremely admired on the snowy spots of Europe, North America and China. Each year competitions of this art held worldwide. In these competitions, artists do team work. For creating different objects, they mostly need 6 to 15 feet of ice block.

Normally they use 20 to 30 ton ice and no special tool is required for making snow sculptures. This is very mesmerizing art and we can have beautiful pieces in bright white color. For keeping in mind the beauty of snow, here are 40 striking pieces of snow sculpture for your inspiration.

1. Whistler Mountain Snow Sculpture Olympic



2. Amazing Snow Sculpture



3. Snow Sculpture



4. Big Cat




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