Top 10 Pregnancy Problems

Pregnancy is a normal human condition. However, it also presents the body with a number of challenges, many of which can produce symptoms and cause problems. Most of these conditions are not serious for mother or baby, although they can be very unpleasant.

Are you pregnant? Find out the top 10 pregnancy complications that you may experience, signs, symptoms, causes and cures.

10. Headaches and Backache

Headache and backache is very common problem among pregnant women. This may happen because of hormonal changes in the body. It is more common among those who are stressed during this period, that is why it is advised for the pregnant women to be relaxed, laugh and have a pleasant atmosphere around them. On the other hand, backache is usually experienced during the first trimester because of the growing of uterus.

9. Varicose Veins

Varicose problem is common among those who are used to walk barefooted whether they are pregnant or not, but in pregnant women this problem is more common. Its symptoms are swollen legs and bluish purple marks on the skin that results in discomfort, pain, aching and burning feeling.  In fact, during pregnancy the uterus is growing, there is a large pressure on it that commonly affects the right side veins of the body. Consequently, this increase of pressure on legs results in varicose veins. So the women are advised to wear comfort footwear even at home.

8. Indigestion

As many as eight, out of ten women experience indigestion at some point during their pregnancy. It commonly happens during third trimesters, also accompanied by heartburn, vomiting and nausea. It is  normal during pregnancy since the baby is growing and putting pressure on stomach that results in esophagus, that is the reason of indigestion. Sometimes, pregnant women may meet with throat burning and this is because of increase in acid level. This is the normal problem during pregnancy so you should follow the advice of your midwife.

7. Constipation

Constipation is another common problem in pregnancy. Again, the reason is hormonal changes. In fact, the hormones increase during this time that softens the intestine muscle tissues which slows the movement of food. In the result of that process frequent constipation happens. It is advised that pregnant women should increase water intake and eat more fiber type of food instead of any other medication.

6. Urine Infections

Urine infection or Urine Tract Infection (UTI) is as a common problem among the pregnant women. Its symptoms are frequent urination with burning feeling. Its causes are the existence of bacteria in vagina, skin and in rectum area.  There are three types of urine infection, among them cystitis is very common in pregnant women. UTI, if not treated results in low birth weight of baby, fetal risks and new born deaths.

5. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums happens in case a pregnant women is victim of high blood pressure and hypertensive. Pregnant women are advised to brush their teeth twice a day. Even then if the problem of bleeding gums exists, then they must consult their doctor.

4. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If a pregnant women meet with numbness and itchy sensations on their hands, it is the alarm of carpal tunnel syndrome. This problem may happen even the women who are not pregnant and it is more common among those who are used to move their hands often. Such as who work on computers and encoders etc. This problem usually occurs during second trimester.

3. Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is the problem of those women who conceived at or above the age of 35. It is the slow movement of egg inside the fallopian tube traveling to the uterus. Its symptoms are abnormal vaginal bleeding, cramps and fainting. This is the serious problem that may result in the death of women. So the women that found the above-mentioned symptoms must follow the advice of their doctors.

 2. Sleeping Problems

It’s usually later in pregnancy that most women have problem getting enough deep, continuous sleep. In fact, you may sleep more than usual during the first trimester of your pregnancy. It’s normal to feel tired as your body works to protect and nurture the developing baby. The placenta (the organ that nourishes the fetus until birth) is just forming, your body is making more blood, and your heart is pumping faster.

1. Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy that usually happens on the thirteen week of conceiving. There are no hard-and-fast rules for miscarriages. It varies from patient to patient, but one common reason is the damage of sperm in result of abnormal chromosome. Weight losses, white pink mucus, severe back pains and brown bleeding are the common symptoms of miscarriages.


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