Incredible Shots of Peacock Spiders

Spiders are among the most diverse groups of creatures on Earth. With more than 40,000 species, they are found in every kind of ecosystem throughout the world. They come in various shapes, wonderful colours and beautiful forms. Below is some of the collection of marvelous photography of the Australian Peacock Spiders by Jurgen Otto, who is a Sydney-based scientist. The way he captures the beauty of these tiny spiders is simply amazing. He has also captured the mating dances of these little fellows on the video. Jurgen says, “I have been fascinated by spiders since I was a little boy when I spent most of my time exploring the undergrowth. Not quite sure what drew me to spiders, but I remember clearly that the spiders I was most fascinated by were little “zebra jumping spiders” that were common around our house in Germany”.

Check out the wonderful photography of Peacock Spiders by Jurgen Otto and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Website: flickr

Thumb for Comparison

I Must Go, My People Need Me

“When I came to Sydney I was a bit bored because there wasn’t enough to photograph but now I don’t want to live anywhere else. I think it’s probably the most beautiful spider in the world.”


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