Top 10 Oldest Trees in the World

The oldest tree in the world ever was, as we know so far, Prometheus, which was cut down in 1964. The legend of that tree is sad, and yet, ironic: The irony is that scientists had looked for a record breaking tree with no result, in the Great Basin National Park of Nevada for years, when a graduate student requested the permission to cut one of the trees. Permission was granted and after cutting the tree, the student exposed that it was actually older than the oldest living organism on Earth. Prometheus, a bristle cone pine, was at least 4862 years, if not even more, when it was so foolishly cut. The oldest trees still living in the world are listed below.

10. General Sherman

General Sherman is 2500 years old tree. It is situated in the National Sequoia Park, Giant Forest, in Tulare County (California). In 1879, the tree was given the name of General Sherman, on the name of a naturalist. Tree is non-clonal in nature. It is as well included in the list of worlds largest trees. Its description is 83.8 meter height (275ft), 7.7 widths (25ft) and trunk volume is 1, 487 cubic meters. It is really a gigantic monster in the Giant forest. With such a great age, we can call Sherman the “granddaddy” of the National Sequoia Park.

9. Old Chestnut

Chestnut tree is on ninth number in our list of oldest trees. There are different opinions about its age, as no accurate age is defined. Perhaps it is 2,000 or 4,000 years old. It belongs to a fagaceae family, having eight species on the planet. European, Asiatic, Chinese, Japanese and American species are more prominent. But the oldest chestnut’s region is Sicily (Italy). Its growth speed is different according to the atmosphere of region. In the same way its height and width as well differ according to the expected atmosphere. Traditionally it is called the “tree of 100 horses”.

8. Alyshun

It may reach 55 to 60 meters in height once it is fully grown. It is also well-known for being able to reach reputable ages, and the oldest of the species, called the “Alishan Sacred Tree”, which fell in 1997, due to heavy rainstorms, assumed to have been 3,000 years old. It had an important meaning for the Buddhist in its area and thus they were the most affected by its loss.

7. Patriarch


The Patriarch of Patriarca de Floresta is the oldest and biggest tree in Brazil. Its age is three thousand years old and found in Atlantic forest of Brazil.

6. Jardine Juniper

Jardine is the oldest tree listed on sixth No. in our list. It is of American origin, in fact, named on the name of an American secretary of agriculture. Essentially, it was discovered by State’s Agriculture College. Its estimated length is about 40 feet.

5. Senator

The oldest tree of this kind has estimated age of 3,500 years and it stands 125 meters tall; with a trunk diameter of 17.5 feet, but a storm has broken its top.  No storm could ever put down the Senator though!  Having been present to many historic events and having carried different significations both for Indians citizens and for the colonists, this tree may live long to observe many other generations on the Earth.

4. Alerce

One of the oldest tree type that is still flourishing today is the Patagonian Cypress. Fossilized parts of this plant were believed to be 35 million years old. Today, the oldest Patagonian cypress, or Alerce, has counted 3,500 years of survival. This huge tree measures around 170 feet, but much larger specimens has also existed in the past.

3. Llangernyw Yew

Even though Yew trees are long living trees, this kind is aged between 4,000 to 5,000 years. Still though, no one knows for sure exactly how old this tree is, scientists consider that it may be even older. Located in Wales, United Kingdom, the tree has been associated with many superstitious things as well as the local legend.

2. Sarv-e-Abarkooh

Sarv-e Abar Kuh is the second oldest living tree in the world, very highly regarded in its native land; Sarv-e-Abarkooh is an impressive 4,000 years old cypress with a height of 25 meters and circumference of 18 meters. This tree may be found in Abarkooh, in Iran. It is sheltered by the cultural tradition organization of Iran. It is very important for the Iranian people, and besides its symbolic and religious significations, Sarv-e-Abarkooh is also a famous visitor attraction.

1. Methuselah

Oldest tree on Earth is a Bristle-cone pine usually called “Methuselah”. It is 4,789 years old and it stands proudly in Methuselah alley, Nevada. Methuselah was not the oldest tree in the area, as Prometheus was the record holder up to 1964, when it was cut, as narrated above. Methuselah’s real location is hidden in order to protect it from vandalism acts.


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