Top 10 Generally Whispered Myths about the Human Body

Although modern science has taught us so much about the mysteries of human life and also changed our lives completely in today’s world, but there are still many myths present in our minds. Check out top ten generally whispered myths about the human body.

10. Sleepwalkers in No way be Woken

It is a Common myth that sleepwalker should never be woken because they are confused and mentally upset, wondering that where they are, but this is much better than the danger of injury because they might be walking into a danger area while sleeping, so wake them gently and help them get back to the sleep.

9. You will Catch a Cold if you Go Out in Wet, Freezing Weather

This is totally misconception. In fact the viruses are growing in low humidity time of winter and they spread easily. Actually in the winter people stay indoors more and in the cold their immunity system to resistance infections diseases works slowly. I guess because of this reason people believe this misconception.

8. Hair and Fingernails Keep on Growing After Death

Nothing keep on growing, in fact the skin and cuticles shrink after the death, making them prominent that’s why nails and hairs looks lengthening.

7. Hair Grows Back Thicker and Darker After Shaving

Another misconception, uncut hairs are taper and don’t give thick look. If the sun exposure is frequent with uncut hairs, its ultra violet rays lightened them which give them lighter look as compared to the cut hairs. This is the sole reason behind this misconception.

6. Conditioners and Shampoos Can Cure Split Ends

Nothing can cure the split ends. Shampoos and conditioners can only stop them spreading and helps them to keep on the first place but cannot heal them.

5. Men think of Sex every Seven Seconds

This is very stupid misconception, I wonder if they concentrate in every seven second on sex then on which time they will concentrate on needed things.

4. Different Areas of the Tongue Taste Different Things

This misconception is prevailing because of misinterpretation of tongue map by the Harvard university professor.  In fact every corner of tongue can taste salt, sour and sweet.

3. Wart can be Caught From other Animals, like Toads

Human warts are caused by the human pappiloma virus and they can’t be caught from animal warts especially not by toads whose bumps are gland.

2. Sugar makes Children Hyperactive

This is another false myth in fact there is no link between the behavior of children and their intake of sugar. Research shows that no difference is found in the behavior of children after and before eating sweet.

1. We Use only 10% of our Human Brain

This was the idea once given by William James, a psychologist in 1800s, that humans use only 10% of their brain being all that at one time. After that the rumor spread that in all our life time, we use only ten percent leaving the rest of our brain nonworking. In fact the motionless neurons are as significant at any given movement as the active ones in time, 10% comes from different areas at different time.


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