Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books in the World

Check out some of the most valuable comic books in the world. If you are a comic book lover and collector and have that amount of money to spend on these most valuable comic books in existence, then you should consider adding some of these to your own personal collection.

10. More Fun Comics #52

Value: $207,000

It was produced back in February 1940 by DC comics and contains first appearance of the Superhero Spectre who was created by Bernard Baily and Jerry Siegel.

9. Superman #1

Value: $250,000

It first came in the summer of 1939, following the successful introduction of Superman in Action Comics a year earlier. Only 44 original copies of this comic book are known to exist.

8. Captain America Comics #1

Value: $343,057

Captain America became the first Golden age comic book character to appear in his own publication in March 1941. Cover art was done by Jack and Joe Simon. 9.2 graded version of this rare comic book was sold in August 2011 at a price of $343,057.

7. Marvel Comics #1

Value: $367,000

This was published in October of 1939. Cover art was done by Frank R. Paul. It contains first appearance of Human Torch and Sub-Mariner.

6. Flash Comics #1

Value: $450,000

It was published in 1940 and the first edition has introduction of Flash and Hawkman. Art was done by Sheldon Moldoff. A copy was sold for $450,000 in March 2010.

5. Batman #1

Value: $850,000

First appearance of Catwoman and Joker are in this issue when it was published back in 1940 and cost just 10 cents. Batman was also given his own title in this issue. In 2012, it was sold for a record price of $850,000.

4. Detective Comics #27

 Value: $1.07m

Published back in May of 1939, this issue is famous for the introduction of superhero, Batman. Only this makes the issue so expensive, as it was sold for $1.07m in 2010.

3. Amazing Fantasy #15

 Value: $1.1m

This was published in 1961 and features the introduction of most beloved Spider man. Copy of this comic book was sold by Comic Connect in March 2011 for $1.1m.

2. Action Comics #1

8.5 Graded Copy Value: $1.5m

It was published in June of 1938. Originally for 10 cents, it features debut of all time favorite and most popular Super hero “Superman”. Cover Art was done by Joe Shuster.

1. Action Comics #1

 9.0 Graded Copy Value: $2.16m

This 9.0 graded copy was owned by actor Nicolas Cage when it was stolen from his home in 2000 and was later found in a storage locker in California in April 2011. This 9.0 graded copy was again sold for $2.16 million in November of 2011.


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