Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

From Bruges to Florence, Budapest to Lisbon and Rome to Prague, these are top 10 most beautiful cities to visit around the world. You will find something unique about these wonderful cities, including their rich cultures, history and remarkable beauty.


Bruges is a very small city. It is situated in the province of west Flanders and is merely 145 kilometers away from Brussels. It is declared as the worlds best preserved heritage by UNESCO, from the medieval times. Bruges has preserved most of the medieval architectures such as church of our lady, the sculpture of Madonna and child which is believed the only sculpture left by Michelangelo’s sculpture within his life time. Other places may include the Beguinage, the basilica of holy blood and the relic of holy blood etc.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and is located in Eastern Europe. It is historic city of Aquincum times. Budapest is very old city as its history started from 896 century. The name of the city consists of two words Buda and pest. Most of its population is christian, which is the official religion of the city. Main sights of the city are the Neo Gothic parliament, Hungarian Crown Jewels, Saint Stephen Basilica and the museum of Aquincum etc. The Population of Budapest is 1,737,000.


Rome is the capital of Italy. It is an ancient city. Rome is the main city of homonymous province. Archeologist proof of occupation of Rome is 14,000 years back. The city is built on seven hills by Tiber River and possesses the classical architect of the world. It is among the most visiting place in the world because of its landmark beauty, historic buildings and impressive interiors. Most of its population is related to the Roman Catholic Church. Museum, bridges and fountains are its most visited places by the tourists.


Florence is the first city of Italian region of Tuscany. It is the densely inhabited city of Tuscany with the 370,000 population. Florence is a historic city and considered as the birth place of renaissance. It was built by the Lucius Cornelius Sulla for his veteran forces. The paramount sight of Florence is domed cathedral of the city, Santa Maria del Fiore and Baptistery building which was declared as the worlds best preserved heritage by UNESCO in 1982. Apart from these, its museums, parks, squares and streets are famous among the tourists.


Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. It is situated in the north of Holland in the west side of the country. Its population is 790,654. Amsterdam is as well rich in the old architect and has one of the oldest Stock Exchange in the world. More than 3.66 tourists visit Amsterdam every year. Its popular places are historic canals, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelik Museum, Hermitage Amsterdam, Rijks museum and Anne Frank House etc.


Rio, the marvelous city of Brazil is the fifth most beautiful city in the world. It is declared as world heritage site by UNESCO. Its population is 63,00000 and nearly 2.80 million people visited Rio every year.


Lisbon is on fourth number among the most beautiful cities in world because of its magnificent natural beauty. It is positioned on the hill surrounded by the river Tagus. It is acknowledged as a global city because of its contribution towards commerce, finance, media, arts and international trade. There are lot of historic and artistic places for the attraction of tourists in the city, such as, National Museum of ancient art, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, National Museum of Costume and Fashion, Lisbon‘s Opera House and the monument to Christ the king stands on the bank of Tagus river.


Prague is capital of Czech Republic and located in the west of country near to the Vltava River. With having population of 1.3 million people, Prague has its strong roots in roman history and was chair of the two roman empires. It is the Sixth most visited place in the world. Its most attractive places are Prague castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Jewish quartet, National Museum, National Theater and Lennon wall.


Paris is the capital of France and is situated on the river Seine. Its estimated population is 2.2 million. Paris is considered as the most cultured city, rich in fashion, Art and entertainment. It is the host city of many international organizations such as UNESCO, OECD and international Chamber of Commerce. Paris is the destination of international tourists since eighteen century. Almost 28 million tourists visit Paris every year. Most attractions in Paris are its Museums, Monuments such as Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and the most famous Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris. It is also considered as the most romantic city in the world.


Venice is most beautiful and we must say the unique beauty in world. It is among the 118 group of islands alienated through canals and connected with the bridges. It is famous for its remarkable building and unique artwork. It is the main city of Veneto State. Its estimated population is 270,098. It is considered as the most romantic city in Europe. Tourism is the main productive sector in the economy. Its main attractions for the tourists are St Mark’s Basilica, Grand Canal, Pizza San Marco and the Lido de Vevezia.


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