More than Human: Animal Portraits by Tim Flach

This is a collection of wonderful photography by renowned London-based photographer, Tim Flach. More than Human is work of seven years of photographing different animal species in a unique way. Tim has also published a  book called More than Human, in which he presented his hard work beautifully, photographing various animals, from the tiny insects to the huge elephants. By looking at these pictures you can easily understand different feelings, emotions and reactions of our non-human fellow beings. Tim says, “You can never predict an animals mood, so you have to plan beforehand to get what you want”.

Take a look for yourself on these portraits of different animals and appreciate the unique work of the photographer. And don’t forget to tell us your thoughts by looking at these animals.

Website: Tim Flach

Temperature of the studio in which he takes animal photos, must be adjusted before an animal feels comfortable. There are several other factors involved in this amazing photography by Tim Flach. Also you can notice that responses of different animal species are different.


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