Top 10 Major Bank Robberies of the World

Dishonesty is the out come of desperation and some time it may be a result of preplanned adventure. Some time the robber’s self integrity comes on such a low level which forces them towards criminal activity. It may start from simple stealing and some time the criminals directly plan to robe a huge amount of money. Whatever the reason may be but in my opinion robbery is a heinous crime and we all must be aware of the tactics they use. Here I have compiled the list of top ten biggest robberies of the world which definitely exposes the interesting facts about these crimes.

10. Bank of Ireland in 2009

This is a biggest robbery that took place in the history of Ireland. Actually the robbers’ hostages were the bank’s employees. The bank lost nine million USD within short span of 15 minutes. The people surrounded the city stated that the robbers were known as the seven mobsters within northern Dublin.

9. Loomis Fargo Bank Robbery in 1997

The Loomis Fargo Bank lost 17 million dollar within one night in 1997.  All the cash money was transferred through a van. In fact inside staff of bank was involved. Ghantt, who was the primary suspect paved the way for the capture of other perpetrators.

8. Dunbar Armored Car Depot in 1997

Perhaps this is the biggest robbery in the history of United States which took place in 1997. The robber, known as Allen Pace, the mastermind was arrested on the bases of suspicion of law as followed in the case of Loomis Fargo Bank. In fact the plan was designed with the help of inside members of the bank. The Bank lost $ 18.9 million dollars.

7. Security Pacific National Bank in 1978

This is known as the smartest robbery happened in the history of United States. No evidence was left behind. The bank lost $ 10.8 million Dollars. In fact, it took place on the 55th floor where the security was tightened. Later, the amount was successfully transferred to the Swiss Bank. Because of transfer of money to the Swiss Bank the culprit Stanley Mark Rifkin was arrested.

6. British Bank of the Middle East in Beirut in 1976

British Bank of Middle East is situated near to the Catholic Church and here the robbers used the church wall to get inside the bank. They stole $20-$ 50 million of Gold, jewels, bonds and stocks. So this was not the safe idea to built a bank near to the church.

5. Northern Bank in 2004

This is the biggest robbery of British Bank that took place in 2004 on the event of Christmas.  In fact before few days of Christmas, the robbers’ held hostages the families of Bank’s official staff and in this way they forced the staff for assistance. In this robbery, bank lost $50 million USD.

4. Banco Central in Brazil in 2005

In this robbery, robbers looted the bank in a very different way. In fact they rented an empty building near the bank and dig a tunnel up to 225 feet. In this way they completed their plan and carried out $69.80 million dollars without any suspecting of people etc. This is one of the biggest robbery that took place in the Banco Central Bank of Brazil in 2005.

3. The Knightsbridge Security Deposit in 1987

The robbery happened in the city of Westminster in London where the Royal families resides. The robbery took place in 1987. To deceit the people, robbers displayed a notice before stealing $ 111 million dollars that the Safe Deposit Centre is temporarily closed.

2. Dar Es Salaam in 2007

The robbery took place in the small Private Bank of Karrada District of Baghdad. The robbers stole $300 million dollars from Dar ES Salaam bank and this is the second biggest robbery of the world that took place in 2007.

1. Central Bank of Iraq in 2003

This is number one largest robbery in the world that also took place in Iraq, in 2003, when the American forces were busy attacking Baghdad. The robbers stole $1 billion dollar from the Central Bank of Iraq.  According to the one of the opinion, some money was retrieved in the walls of Saddam Hussein’s palace.


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