Latte Coffee Art: 50 Delicious Examples

Latte coffee art is technique of creating design or pattern on the surface of coffee with steamed milk. In fact this art is developed by the baristas or the bartenders to show their creativity or in the other words to enhance their business. For making latte art you need espresso coffee, and then emulsion it with cream and microfoam.

There are two method of creating latte art, one is called free pouring and the other one is where tool can be used. Enjoying coffee in the winter evening is a wonderful experience and if it is combined with latte art, then it can not only help to relax you but as well satisfy the artistic sense. By scrolling down the page you will find 50 yummy examples of latte coffee art which you will definitely enjoy.

1. Latte Art – Flowers – Makeda Coffee Seattle



2. Latte Bear



3. Macchiato and Tamper




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