Top 10 Largest Banks in the World

Banks are considered as backbone of economic development of any country. There are lot of banks present in all countries of the world. This list of 10 largest banks in the world is based in terms of assets present in these banks. This list is up to date and the 10 largest banks hold over $25.6 trillion in combined assets.

10. Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS)

Royal Bank of Scotland is the leading banking Group of Scotland and operational in different field of banking such as business banking, private banking, personal banking, insurance and corporate finance. Its current assets are in US $ b 2,225.14.

9. Credit Agricole SA, France

Credit Agricole is the largest banking companies operates in Europe and France market. It has 11,500 branches in all over the world and entertains 59 million customers. Its current assets are US $ b 2,317.12.

8. J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. , USA

JPS Morgan Bank is listed on New York Stock Exchange and offer services in more than 100 countries. Their assets are US $ b 2,321.28.

7. Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank is on number seven of our list of largest and strongest banks in the world. It was reported as the biggest deposit holder in the world. Its current assets are US $ b 2,513.21.

6. BNP Paribas, France

BNP is operational in 84 countries along with trading in the market of France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. Its assets are US $ b 2,562.99.

5. Barclays PLC, UK

Barclays Bank is listed in London and New York Stock Exchange and was operational in Tokyo till 2008. They operate variety of services in the field of retail banking and also wealth management. Currently its assets are US $ b 2,584.30.

4. HSBC  Holdings, UK

HSBC Holdings is listed Bank of United Kingdom and have 460 branches in all over the county. The Bank entertains four million customers and facilitates their customer in the international market. Its assets are US $ b 2,721.06.

3. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China

Industrial and commercial bank of china is the largest bank in the world by profit and market capitalization. It is also one of the largest banks in China. Its current assets are US $ b 2,763.59.

2. Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Japan

Mitsubishi is the major Bank of Japan. They offer services in different field of banking such as commercial Banking, trust banking, assets management and in international financial market. Its assets are US $ b 2,803.42.

1. Deutsche Bank, Germany

Deutsche Bank is the listed bank of Germany and maintains their branches more than 72 countries. It is considered as one of the strongest bank in the world . Its assets are in US $ b 2,809.89.


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