Top 10 HousePlants that Work like Air Cleaner Filters

Plants are not only providing oxygen for human survival but can purify our environment. Nature has created different types of plants or trees with different qualities. We can grow different beautiful plants species at our homes that can not only purify our atmosphere but can provide a beautiful landscape at our homes. Here I have listed top ten tremendous houseplants that can work as living air purifiers.

10. Boston Fern

Boston fern is an exotic plant and has frilly leaves. The plant as well acts as natural humidifier. Their growing condition includes the clean sunlight and wetness. Boston fern release moisture in the air, resultantly removes benzene, formaldehyde and xylene from the air.

9. Spider Plant

Spider plant is one of the beautiful plants with grassy leaves. One of the good quality of this plant is that they grow rapidly and having also quality of purifying the air by removing poisonous gases. These plants can remove formaldehyde and xylene from the air. It’s better to keep them near to the kitchen for better effect because the plant has quality of inhaling carbon monoxide.

8. English Ivy      

English Ivy is the beautiful houseplant and popular for work against lot of allergies especially anathema. They are famous for rapid growing and need bright sunlight for growing. As well famous for removing benzene and formaldehyde. Thus can remove the inside toxic and purify indoor atmosphere.

 7. Golden Pothos

Though this is the toxic plant and needs extra care for avoiding any harm to the children and pets at home. Devil ivy is an evergreen plant and grow rapidly and aw well have quality to purify indoor air.

6. Areca Palm

This is a thin skin plant having feathery ford. The plants grow slowly and need special patience and care. The plant as well removes toxin and formaldehyde and xylene.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is famous for its healing impact and popular for curing many skin problems. It can filter and inhale toxic gases. This is the very beautiful and ornamental plant.

4. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen is the best purifier and herbaceous perennial plant. Having bright lush green leaves with artistic marks on them and can be grow in any condition means with less water and least sunlight.

3. Marginata

Mariginata is the beautiful but slow growing flowering house plant. Its leaves are glossy thin but having artistic red edges. Mariginata not only remove formaldehyde and benzene from the air but other pollutants as well. But be careful while keeping it inside because its leaves can be poisonous to the pets at home.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plant has best quality of purifying air from formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides according to the one of the study done by the American botanical scientists. It is an evergreen and can survive in hard condition of less watering and sunlight.

1. Peace Lily

Peace lily is the top houseplant of our list. Peace lily is famous for absorbing harmful carbon and toxins that can cause cancer. It can not only absorb benzene, formaldehyde but also remove other pollutants particles from the air.


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