30 Highest Mountains in the World

There is no agreed definition of a mountain. Some authorities regard eminences above 600 m (2,000 ft) as mountains, those below being referred to as hills. But, generally we can say that a mountain is stretched over the adjoining land in a specific area, usually in the form of a peak. Asia is the region that is blessed by nature with beautiful lakes, multiple seasons, mineral-rich resources and highest mountains. In fact, almost all highest mountains of the world exist in Himalayan and Karakoram ranges of Asia. Mount Everest, K2 and Kangchenjunga, all are located in Asian continent. Heights of mountains are typically measured above sea level. With keeping that in mind, these are 30 highest mountains in the world.

30. Dhaulagiri II

Dhaulagiri II-30

Height:  7,751 m  (25,430 feet),     Location:  Nepal

29. Kamet


Height:  7,756 m  (25,446 feet),     Location:  India

28. Namcha Barwa

Namcha Barwa-28

Height:  7,782 m  (25,531 feet),     Location:  China

27. Rakaposhi


Height:  7,788 m  (25,551 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

26. Kanjut Sar


Height:  7,790 m  (25,558 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

25. Batura Sar

Batura Sar-25

Height:  7,795 m  (25,574 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

24. Chomo Lonzo

Chomo Lonzo-24

Height:  7,804 m  (25,604 feet),     Location:  Tibet-China

23. Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi-23

Height:  7,816 m  (25,643 feet),     Location:  India

22. Masherbrum


Height:  7,821 m  (25,659 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

21. Khunyang Chhish


Height:  7,823 m  (25,666 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

20. Ngadi Chuli

Ngadi Chuli-20

Height:  7,871 m  (25,823 feet),     Location:  Nepal

19. Distaghil Sar

Distaghil Sar-19

Height:  7,885 m  (25,869 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

18. Himalchuli


Height:  7,893 m  (25,896 feet),     Location:  Nepal

17. Gasherbrum IV

Gasherbrum IV-17

Height:  7,932 m  (26,024 feet),     Location:  Pakistan

16. Annapurna II

Annapurna II-16

Height:  7,937 m  (26,040 feet),     Location:  Nepal


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