60 Creative Examples of Forced Perspective Photography

Photography is a vast subject and we have couple of stuff in this field. Photoshop, micro photography and forced perspective photography are some examples of photography. Here we will satisfy your aesthetic sense by showing the amazing pictures of forced photography. In this technique, photographer uses illusions, where they usually merge two different size of too small or too large object. These all pictures are created by using single lens of camera. In fact they mold the actual size of picture than its real size. Taking a forced picture is not difficult task or not any special skill is required. In my opinion monster movies are good example of forced photography where the monster places the people on his palm.

We can categorize forced photography in four different types. In one category, the main subject shows larger, in second type main subject shows too small, in third technique, the photographer merge the subject and in last technique photographer merge the main subject.

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1. Realwann the Giant

digital photography 1


2. Hangman!



3. Nice Tiny Pony on a Chair



4. Lending a Helping Hand

cute-photo 3



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