Wonderful Feather Art by Chris Maynards

This amazing collection of feather art is the work of talented artist, Chris Maynards. These feathers are collected from aviaries and zoos, ranging in size from as small as a pencil point to four feet. Chris says, ” Some say I am slightly obsessed with feathers.  True enough, and I find it a satisfying perch from which to view the world”. His favorite tools are the fine eye surgery tools inherited from his father. Chris put on big nerdy magnifying glasses to see the details. Chris, who lives in Olympia, Washington, told the msn that he was inspired to create art by the death of his mother, “It got me thinking that life is short and to get on with pursuing what inspires me most.”

Enjoy his wonderful feather artwork and tell us what do you do with bird feathers?

Artist’s Website: Chris Maynards

10.  Siblings – Great Argus Pheasant wing feather

9. Hummingbird Flower – Amazon Parrot and Macaw feathers

8. Hummingbird Flower Close

7. Where Feathers Come From – Turkey feather

6. Crow Transformance – Crow feather

5. Hummingbird  Shadow – Ocellated Turkey feather and tiny peacock feathers

4. Singing Bird – Pigeon feather and parakeet feathers

3. Evening Rush Hour – Crow feathers

2. Peacock Attraction – Indian Blue Peacock feathers

1. Peacock Attraction Close –


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