Top 10 Famous Politicians in History

These are some of the greatest politicians in history of the world, who are known for their intelligence, good policy making, patience, strength and other qualities. They are not just famous for their own nations but they have left behind a new thought to other nations and politicians of the world.

10. Margaret Thatcher (Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom)

Margaret Thatcher was the great politician and former prime minister of United Kingdoms. She was very outspoken and arrogant lady. She always did principle politics. She was famous for her stubborn style.  She has a strict view about her opposite sex and she gave an interesting statement about men that “One of the things being in politics has taught is that men are not a reasoned or reasonable sex”.

9. Thomas Jefferson (Third President of U.S.A)

Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people. This legendary quotation is the words of great politician named Thomas Jefferson. He is the third president of United States of America. He is the author of declaration of United States independence. He is the founder of the Democratic Party. He always appreciated to fight for the great ideas.

8.  Al Gore (Former Vice President of America)

Al Gore, the great advocator and addict of information technology is the former vice president of United States. He was the person who instituted all American schools with the internet facility. In fact he weapon Americans with true source of modern technology and knowledge.

7. Martin Luther King, Jr. (Civil rights Activists)

Martin Luther the civil rights activist of black people of America. He was the first person who fought for the equal rights of Black people. He owned great and determinate personality. According to him the Black people should not be judged on the bases of their color of skin, but by the content of their character”.

6. Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler, the most controversial personality in the world of Politics. He devoted his whole life for fighting his ideology. According to him if the men never fight, life will never be won. He promulgated brutal struggle in his whole life. Anyway whether he was right in following his ideology or not, he motivated Germans to achieve their aspiration in anyway whether by devastation.

5. Vladimir Lenin (Russian Communist Revolutionary)

Vladimir Lenin of Russia owned a Revolutionary Personality. He was born to nobleman of Russia. He believes on inexorable struggle for achieving his principles. He fought his whole life for political rightness and ideological Struggle.

4. Abraham Lincoln (Former President of United States)

Abraham Lincoln, the former president of United States of America is the symbol of unifying and principle politics. His thoughts not provided guidance to the then generation but to the forthcoming generation as well. He was the true believer of democracy. One he spokes to support his democratic thoughts in great words, “as I would not be slave, so I would not be a master.”

3. Mikhail Gorbachev (Former President of USSR)

Mikhail Gorbachev the Nobel peace prize winner, the former president of USSR was the great supporter of the common people. He was the great supporter of change and famous for motion and creativity. He always did principle politics. He is known as the superstar of motion politics because of his political hardship and struggle he did in his whole life.

2. George Washington (First President of United States)

George Washington, the first president of United States of America is the symbol of intelligence, good policy maker, patience and strength. He is called the father of America who had supported and leaded America in their hard days.

1.  Sir Winston Churchill (Former British Prime Minister)

Sir Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of United Kingdom had a great personality. He was passionate and determinate political leader. He always advocates victory and according to him there is no survival without victory. He was writer and journalist along with a political background.


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