80 Most Creative and Unusual Cake Designs

Cake is normally made of flour, sugar, some liquid, different kinds of flavors and can be decorated with icing, cream and sprinkles. The word cake is originated by the Viking from the Old Norse word “Kaka”. It is a sweet dessert and an important item of our ceremonial occasions (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations). History of cake baking is very old. Ancient Roman and Greek cakes were equally popular in their culinary culture. In ancient Roman culture, one kind of wedding was done with the cutting of cake by the women, called “Confarreatio” mostly followed by the elite class. Cakes are different from bread but in old times it was normally found in the form of bread and cheesecakes were popular.

With the passage of time, baking of cakes became an art and we have variety of cakes such as butter cake, chocolate cake, different fruit flavor cakes and nuts cakes etc. Baking lovers celebrate international baking day on third Sunday of May every year. And many baking competitions are held by the renowned institutions and popular cooking channels around the world. Because of these competitions we enjoy new taste and dazzling shapes of creative cakes. Here we are presenting amazing cake decorating art collection for those who are interested in cake decorating and unusual cake design ideas. Hope you all will appreciate our effort.

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1. Nikon Camera Cake



2. Go, Dog. Go! Cake



3. Nana Cake



4. Lily



5. QVC Sugar Shopper Birthday Cake




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