Top 10 Mobile Phone Operating Companies

A mobile network operator or MNO is a provider of wireless communications services that owns or controls all the elements necessary to sell and deliver services to an end user. Take a look at top 10 mobile phone operating companies from around the world.


200 Million Subscribers

Axiata is one of the leading telecommunication companies in Asia. It was established in 1992. Having permanent headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, it was originally known as TM internationals. Their interests in mobile operators are in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. They as well have interest in India, Singapore and Iran.


 209 Million Subscribers

VimpelCom Ltd provides globally telecommunication services but their major revenue comes from Russia and Italy. Their registered office is in Amsterdam. They are operating different brands, for instance, Beeline, Kyivstar, Wind, Djezzy, Mobilink, Banglalink are few of them. They are holding more than twenty countries for their services. It was established in 1992.


 212.75 Million Subscribers

China united Netcom Ltd was established in 1994. It has its headquarters in Beijing. It is a state owned telecommunication operator. They are providing services in their own country on priority bases. They as well provide wireless and GSM services.


226.3 Million Subscribers

This is a French telecommunication company and provides services for mobile, land-line and internet as well. This is one of the leading services providers. It was originally started by the United Kingdom but latter acquired by the France telecom in 2000. It has its headquarter in Paris and they also provide services in IP telephony and TV.


231.87 Million Subscribers

This is a Spanish telecommunication company. They have wide network that covers Europe, United States and as well as Latin America. Its permanent headquarters are in Madrid. They provide services in cell phones, land-line, internet, telephony and for digital TV.


245.337 Million Subscribers

Airtel is an Indian company and known as Bharti Airtel Limited. It has its setup in more than twenty countries including South Asia, Africa and India as well. It is the largest company in India and provides services in all across the nation. It was established in 1995 with permanent headquarters in New Delhi. They provide GSM Network in all above mentioned countries with 2G, 3G and 4G services. They give their services for land-line telephony, internet, digital TV and IT.


246.00 Million Subscribers

This is a Mexican telecommunication company. It was established in 2000. Its headquarters are in Mexican city. It is very large company and provides services in 18 countries. They provide services in land-line, mobile telephony, fixed line internet, broadband, digital TV and for IT. It is a parent company of Telmex, Claro, Telcel and TracFone wireless.


326.00 Million Subscribers

This is a Norwegian company and has its set up in Scandinavian states, Eastern Europe and Asia. They provide services under the name of Telenor. Its headquarter are in Fornebu, Norway. They offer services for fixed line, mobile telephony, internet, digital television, IT network and for IP TV.


439.601 Million Subscribers

This is originally a British but a multinational telecommunication company. They invested in both NASDAQ and LSE. It was established in 1991 and currently has its headquarters in London. They provide services for fixed line, mobile telephony, internet and for digital TV. They provide services in all most 30 countries and have partnership network in more than 40 countries. They own 45% of Verizon wireless that is perhaps the largest telecommunication companies in United States.


667.20 Million Subscribers

China-Mobile got first position in our top ten list of mobile phone operating companies. This is a Chinese national telecommunication company. It provides services for mobile phones and multimedia. They provide services for multiple countries. It was established in 1997 and provides services for fixed line, mobile telephony, internet and for digital TV.


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