Top 10 Birthday Celebration Ideas

Everybody desires of having a beautiful birthday and thus try their level best to avoid any sort of problem. But the main hiccup lies with the fact of planning for how to have a grand birthday celebration. Most commonly raised questions are like, Where to go? How to celebrate? What to wear? Whom to choose between family and friends? All these together give a headache and so to put an end to your problem here are top 10 birthday party ideas.

10. House Party

The most obvious idea for celebration of birthday is a house party. This is the very old and traditional idea of birthday celebration.  Perhaps this is the cheapest idea. Especially for the students who are going through their struggling time. House party might be a good choice for them.

9. Barbeque

This is another lovely and lees formal option than dinner. I guess this is an amazing idea for celebration of your birthday. But for barbeque, choosing suitable location is very important. You can arrange it outdoors and even at home with the arrangement of background music.

8. Clubbing

Clubbing is another good idea for celebration of birthday. In every moderate city, clubs are available in almost every country. And twenty one is the enough age to get involved in. But to celebrate your birthday in club you have to do little research for choosing suitable club for your group size and according to your pocket.

7. Dinner Party

Dinner party is another ideal option for the sophisticated young group. You can enjoy your birthday with your special friends, family and even loved ones. You can join a restaurant or can arrange dinner at home. And you can cook something special according to the choice and the mode of your guests.

 6. City Break

City break is another romantic idea for celebration of your birthday. Go somewhere you have always dreamed of going. You can go for night weekend and for one week trip. But to go for this option you have to check your budget first because this would be somehow expensive option.

5. Camping Trip


Birthday is a special day of your life and you can make it very special by celebrating it in a different way. Camping is one of the great idea in my opinion for celebrating birthday. It is very fascinating to relax around a fire with your friends and someone special. Camping on lakeside would be a good choice, so pack your luggage drive your car but don’t forget your tent.

4. Road Trip

Road trip is another classic and truly speaking very lively idea. Driving ludicrous distances is a great fun. Most of the young Americans love having road trips. By road trip, you can see the beautiful sites and scenes with your pleasurable company. For road trip, you have to plan first, inform your friends and set timing for your amazing trip.

3. Sky-diving

As the some people have very thrilling nature and wants to do something different. For them sky diving is a best and suitable choice. However, it can be expensive but can satisfy your thrilling nature. Adding your friend would enhance your enjoyment and I guess this would be very different option for celebration of birthdays.

2. Beach Getaway

Beach gateway is good option for those people who love lazing on sunny beaches. This can be an amazing choice to spend your special day. This would be as well an expensive choice but to spend once in a year on your special day is not a big deal in my opinion. So search a good beach and match it with pursue and go-ahead.

1. Music Festival

This is great or suitable for them who love music. I spent my twentieth birthday on a biggest Rock festival. In my opinion, this is a great choice to spend your special day with the crowd of thousands. But this would be good option for those whose birthday falls over summer.


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