Top 10 Best Defense Lawyers in USA

A lawyer is a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person who is practicing law. And law is the system of rules of conduct established by the sovereign government of a society to correct wrongs, maintain the stability of political and social authority, and deliver justice. Here are top 10 best defense lawyers in USA.

10. Charles Lembcke

Charles B. Lembcke is on tenth position in the top ten best lawyers list and he got this honor second time. He is expert in dealing with white collar crimes. He received his law degree from university of Florida. He started his law office in 2003. He is expert in civil litigation for instance McDonald’s Monopoly games, fraud in a Jacksonville beverage company, cocaine trafficking and healthcare fraud etc.

9.  Robert L. Ullman

Robert L. Ullman

Robert L. Ullman is specialized in government litigation and as well in white collar defenses. He received his law degree from Harvard law school. For fifty years, he has been selected in the best lawyers list.  In 1994, he was appointed as Senior Litigation Counsel by Attorney General Janet Reno.

8. Lawernce Lustberg


Lawrence Lustberg is a constitutional lawyer. He also holds the chair of criminal defense department. He received his law degree in 1983 at Harvard law school. He is also serving as a law teacher at Rutgers University Law School and Seton Hall University Law School. His expertise is in criminal defense.

7.  Jeffrey D. Coleman

Jeffrey D. Coleman

He has been practicing law for 35 years. He received his law degree from Stanford law school in 1973. He is expert in both civil and criminal field and he also presents private citizens a variety of firms in the cases of fraud, grand jury investigation and class action suits at both state and federal courts. He got popularity after presenting Guantanamo Bay prisoner’s case.

6. Thomas Pollack


Thomas Pollack received his law degree in 1968 from the New York University of Law. He as well holds the membership of California and New York states Bars. Mr. Pollack’s expertise is in White collar crimes and as well includes civil and criminal litigation. For the past ten years he holds the title of best lawyers in United States and was included on the Super Lawyers list by the Los Angeles Magazine.

5. James Brosnahan

James-BrosnahanHe has been practicing law for more than fifty years. Mr. Brosnahan has been honored with such accolades as his induction in 2006 into the California’s Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame and in the same year was named by the National Law Journal as one of America’s most influential trial lawyers. He received his degree of law from the Harvard law school in 1959. He practice both in civil and criminal law. There are more than 140 successful verdicts on his credit. He holds the title of best lawyers for over twenty years.

4. Stephen L. Braga

Stephen L. Braga

Stephen L. Braga, the partner of the Ropes & Gray Law Firm in Washington DC, has a command of both civil and criminal areas. He is expert of antitrust, securities litigation, government enforcement and securities enforcement. He received his law degree from the magna cum laude in 1981 from Georgetown University.

3. Stephen C. Cowen


Stephen C. Cowen stands on third position in top ten list of best lawyers of the United States. He got his law degree cum laude from Harvard in 1972. He is a member of Florida, Georgia and Columbia Bars. His areas of interest includes, internal corporate investigation, development of compliance planes, civil litigation and securities fraud.

2.  Eliot Lauer

Eliot Lauer

Eliot Lauer is the second best defense lawyer in United States. His areas of expertise includes, arbitration, commodities, criminal defense, government investigations, intellectual property litigation, internal investigation, international arbitration, professional liability and securities litigation. He is a member of New York, Columbia and federal bar council. He is expert in domestic and international arbitration and is also expert in mediation representation.

1. Carol Elder Bruce

Carol Elder Bruce

Carol Elder Bruce stands on first position in the top ten list of the best defense lawyers in United States. Her areas of expertise includes both civil and criminal litigation. Ms. Bruce received her law degree from the Law School at Georgetown University in 1974.  She is a member of Columbia district bar. For the past five years she has been selected as a best criminal defense lawyer.


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