30 Amazing 3D Street Art Paintings by Kurt Wenner

Here is a collection of Amazing 3D Street Art Paintings which are all done by Kurt Wenner. Kurt is best known for inventing 3D pavement art. He has created his wonderful work for his clients globally. His own style is unique and appreciated all over the world. He has also published a book called Asphalt Renaissance. These paintings depict the creativity in his work. Just enjoy these stunning 3D street Artworks and tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

Website: kurtwenner.com

1. Rickshaw Artwork


This one is my favorite painting by Kurt Wenner. Believe it or not, woman on the sofa is actually lying on the station floor.   Can you tell how much time it takes to finish this masterpiece?

2.  Chariot of the Sun


River Place Festival, Greenville, South Carolina

3. Ceres’ Banquet Artwork



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