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Past Team of (Sep 2012 to Nov 2014)

Authors & Contributors (From Sep 2012 to Nov 2014)

Mohsin Awan (Founder, Author & Editor-in-Chief) (Sep 2012 to Nov 2014)

Mohsin is a visionary bird aficionado with a passion for birds and other natural history of the world. He wants to establish conservation organization for endangered species of Nectarivores* birds that are on brink of extinction due to habitat loss (deforestation, logging), climate change and other factors. He loves reading books, watching movies and listening to music. He is building a great website for bird keepers that have an appreciation for books on birds and aviculture from around the world. Visit his website Avicultural Library. (* Sunbirds, Honeyeaters, Hummingbirds & other related species) (* See Nectarivore & Ornithophily).

Zeeshan Khan (Co-Founder & Author) (Sep 2012 to Nov 2014)

Zeeshan started this website because of his interest in online publishing. Currently, he is studying a master’s degree and also looking for a good job in big company where he can show his best abilities in marketing sector.

Wajid Nawaz (Author) (Sep 2012 to Nov 2014)

Wajid has a great interest in information technology sector. He is a web designer. He has extensive experience working in the private and public sectors.

Mehvish Shoukat (Author) (Sep 2012 to Nov 2014)

Mehvish loves to read and write. She also loves cooking and baking. She graduated in the LLB Law degree and is looking forward to an inspired career. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.