Top 10 Greatest Inventions Ever Made

Inventions have changed the world and the way we live. In some cases, it has also changed the way we perceive things. Over the centuries, there have been hundreds and thousands of great inventions. Check out top 10 greatest inventions ever made.

10. Alcohol

History of alcohol goes back to almost 12,000 years. Consumption of alcohol is common all over the world. Alcohol can be used for lot of other purpose besides drinking, such as in extinction of microorganism and in medicine etc.

9. The Internet

The web or internet was developed in 1970 and is getting popularity on a daily bases. Because of internet, getting information became very easy and you can get information by using internet at any part of world. It has transformed the world and will forever hold a part in our lives.

8. Birth Control

There are several different methods for preventing child birth but this is the most reliable technique.  There were also many methods used for birth control about a century ago.

7. Antibiotics

With the invention of antibiotics, we have saved lives of millions of people, have cured lot of diseases and saved millions of people from deadly infections. These antibiotics are serving for human beings from 1870 till today.

6. Anesthetic

No surgery can be done without the help of anesthetic medicine. The said medicine help the doctors to do surgery without giving any pain to their patients. Nowadays apart from this anesthetic medicine, some other kinds of medicine, such as laughing and sleeping gas etc have been invented but this medicine never lost its importance.

5. Printing Press

Before the invention of printing press, books were hand written. The printing press was invented in 1439. It has made writing of books more quicker and faster. As a result of this invention, information and knowledge has spread in all corners of globe. We can never forget the contribution of printing press.

4. Plumbing

Credit of invention of plumbing goes to Romans. It became more popular in the twentieth century. In today’s life, plumbing has become the part of people’s life and no one can even think to live without this. Before invention of plumbing, people used open places for toilet and bath in streams, so we all should be thankful to Romans for inventing plumbing.

3. Tools

Though the tool is a small word and a small thing but it is a great invention of science. Because, without the help of tools no invention can be made and no thing can be repaired. Tools helped human beings to build the things and have made alive their imaginations. Without tools, every thing made would be clumsy and slow.

2. Cooking

The greatest invention of human beings is “creation” of fire. With the help of fire, human beings invented how to cook things. And in my opinion, this is very great invention of humans that is why I gave it place on second number in my list of greatest inventions ever made. It can satisfy the eating instinct of human beings.

1. Language

In my list, language got the first position because in my opinion, language is the greatest invention ever made. It is the only medium of communication and sharing of thoughts and emotions with other humans. Because of our communication abilities, lot of inventions and discoveries became possible. The exact time or date of creation of language is in nobody’s knowledge.


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